8 pcs Barbecue Set.

Code 21198465

Respect can also be won with a blade. But, easy. We are talking about the range of carving knives and forks specially designed for barbecue. Tramontina has a model for each stage of preparation - from cleaning the cuts to serving the barbecued meat. All with the perfect cut that your barbecue deserves.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Carbon steel bolster with hard-chrome coating.
Stainless steel blades.
Polywood treated handles.
Aluminum rivets.
Wooden cutting board.
Synthetic case.
Recommendations for Use SAFE AND PROPER USE:
Handle sharp objects with care and keep them out of the reach of children.
For longer-lasting products, dry well before storing, including after removal from dishwasher.

Safe and proper use:
Before first use, wash the board using only a soft sponge and mild soap or dishwashing liquid. Dry the product with a soft cloth.
After each use, maintain the cleaning procedure described above.
Store in a well-ventilated place (avoid stuffy places such as drawers and cabinets).
This product is not dishwasher safe. Do not use steel wool on this product.
Do not submerge the product in water.
Do not let the product dry in the sun or leave to drain in the sink.
Do not stack the pieces when damp.
Do not use this product in the oven or keep it in the refrigerator.
Weight 3,10 kg
Length 0 mm
Width 0 mm
Height 0 mm
Warranty 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects (90-day warranty as required by law, plus 4 years and 9 months contractual warranty)