Coffee Upholstered high stool London (Almond)

Code 14063134

The PIAZZA LONDON furniture collection is generously designed: the chairbacks and seats, with their curved lines, are comfortably sized and ergonomically shaped. A harmonious design that goes with any indoor environment.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Hgh Stool in Tauari wood with an almond-stained varnish finish. Upholstered seat and backrest. The product is delivered disassembled.
Recommendations for Use 1.Lift the piece up when moving it; avoid dragging it along
the floor.
2. Avoid exposing the product to bright light, which could
cause changes in the product?s color.
3. Avoid overloading the item.
4. Always check whether the item is level on the floor.
5. Avoid sitting on the item while wearing wet or damp
6. If the product gets wet, dry it with a clean, soft cloth,
keeping it in a well-ventilated place until completely dry.
7. When placing wet and/or hot objects on table tops and
sideboards, use a coaster.
8. Keep the products in well-ventilated spaces and never
store them in plastic wrappers.
9.Do not use the furniture pieces in outdoor areas where
they can be exposed to moisture, rain, and direct sunlight.
10. Never tilt chairs, armchairs, and stools, supporting them
only on their front or hind feet. Doing so is dangerous and
may severely damage the product.
Weight 8,44 kg
Length 536 mm
Width 494 mm
Height 1105 mm
Warranty Against manufacturing defects.