Tramontina Luce stainless steel napkin holder with hollowed-out detailing

Code 61806130

Ideal for organizing paper napkins with style and sophistication, Tramontina's stainless steel napkin holder with hollowed-out detailing from the Luce line is elegant, durable and easy to store. Ideal for those who pay attention to every detail when entertaining guests.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Material: stainless steel.
Recommendations for Use Items exclusively used to serve and organize should not be placed on hot surfaces or used to heat up food.
To maintain your products' looks, we recommend you wash them only with detergent and a sponge. Other types of cleaning products such as steel wool pads could scratch or damage the pieces' gloss/coating.
Do not use sharp materials as these may scratch your items.
Whenever possible, rinse pieces with warm water and dry immediately after washing.
Rinse items immediately after washing or chemical substances (chlorine) contained in water may stain your products.
Avoid friction between pieces while washing and storing to prevent scratching.
Do not store pieces in damp places as this may also cause staining.
Weight 0,13 kg
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing flaws or defects.