Stainless steel sauce pan with internal ceramic lining Ø 20cm

Code 62120200

- The ceramic lining helps to maintain food moisture, which enables low-fat, speedy, and efficient cooking.
- Highly durable, keeps original features preserving looks, hygiene and durability of material.
- Triple-ply bottom (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel) distributes heat evenly, resulting in faster and more uniform cooking, saving power and keeping food warm for longer.
- Easy to clean.
- Ideal for low-fat cooking.
- Glass lid with steam vent and fits perfectly.
- Handles and holders are coated in heat-resistant silicone which prevents burns and provides more comfort during use.
- Safe for daily dishwasher use.
- It can be used on gas, electric, vitroceramic glass and induction.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Material: stainless steel and internal ceramic lining.
Tempered glass lid with silicone rims and holder.
Handles and holders are coated in heat-resistant silicone.
Product with triple-ply bottom (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel).
Recommendations for Use Before using this pot for the first time, remove all labels and tags and wash it. Afterwards grease the surface with cooking oil and heat up the pot on a low heat for 2-3 minutes, depending on the size of your pot. Leave it to cool and wash it with a sponge and detergent and warm water, then, rinse the pot.
Always use low or medium heat when preparing food. This helps preserve nutrients as well as the ceramic lining.
When using the pot on a gas stove, the flame must not go higher than the bottom of the pot. If using the pot on a hot plate, make sure the hot plate is the same diameter or smaller than the pot.
Frequent use for sauces and foods with strong pigmentation can change the color of the lining but it should not change the pot?s performance.
Do not use your pot to store food which can cause the lining color to change.
To preserve the ceramic surface, do not use sharp metal utensils. Use only nylon, silicon or wooden utensils.
Do not heat up food by placing a pot which is the same width inside another. This is dangerous as it creates a vacuum seal making it impossible to separate the pots.
Do not place an empty pot on a heat source.
Only place hot cookware on heat-resistant surfaces.
Always leave the pot to cool down before immersing it in water.
If you burn the food, leave the pot to soak in water for some time before washing it.
The ceramic lining is perfectly safe for dishwasher use, but it is also easily cleaned by hand due to coating.
Repeat the first-time-use process whenever the pot is washed in the dishwasher. To better preserve the ceramic lining, repeat this process periodically.
Use only mild detergent and a soft sponge to wash.
After washing, rinse with warm water whenever possible and dry immediately so that the pot keeps its original shine. Chlorine in water and detergent residue can stain the pot.
Weight 1,60 kg
Length 404 mm
Width 225 mm
Height 108 mm
Diameter 20.0 cm
Capacity 2.00 L