Tramontina Brava 2.1 L, 24 cm stainless steel frying pan with flat lid, tri-ply base and handle

Code 62415240

Transform your favorite recipes in exclusive creations with Tramontina's 2.1 L, 24 cm stainless steel frying pan with flat lid, tri-ply base and handle. It can be used on the cooktop or in the oven for you to explore your inner chef and prepare dishes full of flavor. The three-play base (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel) distributes the heat evenly, ensuring fast and uniform cooking. This Brava line frying pan will transform your daily routine in the kitchen with shine and flavor.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Entirely made in stainless steel, it does not release residues onto food, keeping it healthy. Its simple design with no corners makes it very easy to clean.
The triple-ply bottom (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel) distributes heat evenly, resulting in quick and uniform cooking, saving power and keeping food warm for longer.
It can go in the oven to gratin or finalize dishes at a maximum temperature of 260°C.
Functional shape for cooking.
Shiny finish.
Safe for daily use in the dishwasher.
It can be used on gas, electric, vitroceramic glass and induction.
Recommendations for Use Before using the product, remove any tags and wash with warm water and detergent.
Use a low heat source to prevent food from sticking to the bottom of the frying pan. The triple-ply bottom distributes heat evenly, so high heat is unnecessary. In addition, it allows you to save power.
When the frying pan is used on gas stove, the flame should not go beyond the bottom of the frying pan. If using on a hot plate, the plate diameter should be the same or smaller than the frying pan's.
The stainless steel handles will heat up during use. We recommend the use of mitts to handle the item.
Some foods containing starch may stain the inside of the frying pan during cooking. To easily remove stains, wipe with a damp cloth and lemon juice or vinegar, or use Tramontina's Polishing and Stain Removal Paste.
Avoid leaving food in the frying pan for a long time; salt can also cause stains.
After washing, whenever possible, rinse the frying pan with warm water and dry it immediately so it keeps its original shine, as chlorine and other substances contained in water might stain the product.
It can go in the oven at a maximum temperature of 260°C. Changes in color might happen.
Do not leave an empty frying pan on a heat source.
Only place hot frying pans on heat-resistant surfaces.
If you burn any food, soak the frying pan in water for some time before washing it.
Always wait for the frying pan to cool before immersing it in water.
Certification Product certified by OCP 0003, registration no. 001224/2018, model (line) Brava, per mandatory INMETRO Regulation 419/2012.
Weight 0,78 kg
Capacity 2.10 L
Warranty 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.