Tramontina glass ceramic induction cooktop with 4 heating rings and touch control

Code 94751220

One of the safest models in the market is Tramontina's New Square Touch B 4EI 60 glass ceramic induction cooktop with four heating rings and touchscreen controls. The induction cooktop only heats up when pans with an iron bottom (which works as a magnet) are placed upon the marked area. Programming is done through the touch panel, allowing you to choose between 9 temperature levels and a booster mode. The result is faster preparation of recipes and lower power consumption compared to other systems. And check out the safety: the heat generated is transferred directly to the pan, so the entire surface of the cooktop remains at room temperature, preventing burns. In addition, the touch panel allows you to lock the dashboard so children cannot operate the appliance. After use, the display will stay on indicating that the surface remains hot, only turning off when the temperature is below 50° C. The glass ceramic surface design is pure elegance and easy to clean: liquids or splashes do not stick due to the low temperature of the surface around the heating rings. Enjoy all these resources to be successful in the kitchen.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Operation: Electric by induction
Surface: Glass ceramic
Control: Touch
Dashboard lock: No
Residual heat indicator: Yes
Temperature levels: 9
Booster (extra power): Yes
Timer: Yes
Safe switch off: Yes
Hot rings: 4
3 x 160mm: 1.50kW
1 x 200mm: 1.70kW
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
Pans: With ferrous material on the bottom (magnetic bottom)
Installation niche (W x D): 565 x 495mm

Illustrative Images. Tones and finishes may vary from one product to another.
Recommendations for Use This appliance is for indoor use only. Do not use it for other purposes.
Never use the glass ceramic surface as a worktop or to support objects;
If there are any cracks on the glass ceramic top, immediately switch the appliance off and disconnect it from the power supply.
People with pacemakers and metallic prosthetics should consult their GP before using the induction cooktop.
For the cooktop to function correctly, the bottom of pans used must contain ferromagnetic induction materials, that is, ferrous metal. The most suitable pans are stainless steel or iron ones.
Pans used on induction cooktops must have a flat bottom so they can be in contact with the whole heating area.
Use a magnet to verify whether the pan is adequate for induction cooktop use or not. If the magnet is attracted to the base of the pan, it means it can be used on this type of appliance.
Pans that should not be used: clay, glass, aluminum, ceramic, copper, and other non-magnetic materials.
For a perfect cleaning operation, use Tramontina's cleaning paste to polish and remove stains in glass / ceramic surfaces.
Certification Certified product according to OCP-0029, SGS, Safety, Compulsory, Inmetro.
Weight 8,20 kg
Warranty Warranties this product against any manufacturing defects for a total period of 1 year (12 moths)